Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is FrontPage better than Telegram or Moneycontrol forums (mmb)?

  1. Easy reading experience with single unified feed to follow multiple accounts.
  2. More relevance and less clutter with stock based discussion communities
  3. Much better app than Moneycontrol or Telegram. Specially designed for India’s stock market traders and investors

What are communities?

Large Telegram or WhatsApp groups exchange too much information about large number of stocks, and become spammy and chaotic and impossible to follow.  Stock focused communities on FrontPage try to fix this problem. Communities on FrontPage are topic (e.g. a stock like HDFC) focused forums where you can connect in real time with other users who are interested in that stock. Read more

What is follow people?
When you follow a person or account, your start to see their posts in home feed. You will also get real time notifications from these users.

Can I stop notifications from an account that I follow?

If you don’t want notifications from an account that you follow, you mute their notifications by going from their profiles.

Paid Services

Why should I run my services on FrontPage?

Running paid services on FrontPage is much better than running on Whatsapp or Telegram. Manage subscribers, payments, subscription plans, trials, automatic renewal reminders via a simple to use dashboard.

Read about all the features here.

How to start a paid service on FrontPage?
Log into the FrontPage website ( via a desktop/laptop and click the + button in the menu. The channel creation wizard will guide further.

In case you wish to know more you can also call or WhatsApp us on [+91][79754.09724]. Happy creating!

How much does FrontPage cost me?

If you start paid services on FrontPage and when a user subscribes to one of your paid plans, FrontPage charges a 1% platform enablement fee + 2% payment gateway charges.

Can people share my content to other from the app?
From settings, you can allow your data to be shared or not. In any case, if your post is not free, it can’t be seen. Whenever anyone share your posts, only title is publicly visible.

Can someone steal my subscriber data?
On FrontPage, your channel subscribers are visible only to you. All traffic between browsers, apps and our servers is secured by SSL. Our servers run on Google’s super secure infrastructure. Your data security is critical to our business and we safeguard it painstakingly.

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