FrontPage forums enable information sharing and discussions around stocks and markets. To get the most out of these forums, below are a few house rules. Take a moment to get familiar with the FrontPage Forum Guidelines.

Basic Guidelines:

Connect & Respect: FrontPage is a forum, and The Forum expects all members to be relevant and civil.

Stay On Topic: Let’s discuss the stock market. Please do your absolute best to contribute in a sincere, open-minded and respectful fashion.

Act Responsibly: If you find yourself just trying to provoke a response out of other people, take a hike. If you find someone deliberately trying to pick a fight, we suggest you block them and report their posts.

General Moderation Guidelines:

Violations of these guidelines may invite suspension without any prior warning.

Only Stocks & Market Discussion: Please refrain from posting jokes, memes, quotes, irrelevant pictures or links or engaging in personal chatter.

No Manipulation: No messages with the intent of moving a stock positively or negatively, without new or substantive information.

No Abuse: No personal abuses, name-calling, insults or harassment. No profanity, vulgarity will be tolerated, not one bit. Avoid evaluating other people’s trade. Everyone has their own strategy, risk and rewards. Indulging in fight or irrelevant conversation will lead to account suspension.

No Promotion:  Do not post any promotional links, phone numbers, 3rd party app screenshots, MTM or performance screenshots in the Forum.Do not share paid service links, coupon code or referral links in the Forum. Your service details and other contact details like phone number, website link can be shared with your followers by posting it on the profile (do not tag any forums) or via private chat.

 No Soliciting: Do not influence users to like, comment, follow or subscribe to your post or paid service, which will reduce your reputation score. No unsolicited messages on chats to any users.

Tag Relevant Forums:  Forums are meant to be sharing valuable stock related information and make sure you post it in the relevant forums. Tagging irrelevant forums will lead to immediate account suspension.

Mark Relevant Post Types: Posts should be marked as the right post type. For instance – A news post should be marked as NEWS, a chart should be marked as CHARTS, Question should be marked as QUESTIONS, a valuable stock related information as VIEW and trading calls as TRADING IDEA.

Posts that violate the forum rules will be deleted or moved to the profile based on the guidelines mentioned.

1.Moderation Guidelines for Questions:

1.1  While asking a question or posting an answer in FrontPage, make sure

the Question is valuable and relevant to the stock market.

1.2  Questions should be more specific to the topic, so the chances of Question getting answered is high.

1.3  Do not include any promotional content or links while posting a question.

1.4  Use neutral language and do not write a biased statement/question. 

1.5  Do not share contact numbers or any contact info in the Q&A section as it violates the guidelines. But you can share it via Private chat.

1.6  Do not post the same Question repeatedly. If your Question is similar enough to another question, it can be moved to your profile or maybe deleted depending on the questions.

1.7  Do not tag irrelevant forums while posting a Question. It will lead to immediate suspension.

1.8  Answers can be brief or descriptive, but it should be clear and specific.

1.9  Do not post false, misleading or promotional answers.

1.10  Do not include any promotional content or links while answering a question.

2. Moderation Guidelines for NEWS Posts:

2.1  A News post shared in FrontPage should be related to the stock market, constructive and beneficial for the Frontpage users.

2.2  It is even better if you can share the News article link or any credible supporting documents too.

2.3  Posts that are not NEWS shared in the NEWS tab will be considered as spam and will be moderated as per the guidelines.

3. Moderation Guidelines for CHARTS :

3.1  Do not post charts to promote any 3rd party apps or websites.

3.2  Charts shared in FrontPage should be useful for the users with a brief explanation.

3.3  Charts shared just for promotional purposes with links, contact info or other 3rd party links, will be considered as spam and it will be deleted immediately.

3.4  Chart update posts that don’t have any chart attachments should be shared as a VIEW.

3.5  Charts should to tagged to the relevant stock forums. Tagging irrelevant forums for increasing the post’s visibility will lead to deletion.

4. Moderation Guidelines For Media Uploads:

Media on FrontPage includes images, videos, gifs, profile pictures and sound clips. To help keep FrontPage a safe space for everyone to create and discover content, remove media content that violates our guidelines. Below, you will find a list of cases where your media uploads will be removed and explanations as to why such a warning/suspension would be issued by our Moderators.

4.1 Media uploads that are pornographic and/or sexually explicit.

4.2 Media uploads showing full/partial nudity .will be flagged as Adult or inappropriate.

4.3 Media displaying violent activity (Excessive gore, blood, and/or horror).

4.4 Media uploads that contains discriminating graphic signs and symbols which conveys hate and other negative connotations( Eg: Racist Hand Signs, Nazi symbol, etc).

4.5 Images of people posted without their consent, except for public figures and celebrities.

4.6 Any other media which captures an illegal act.

4.7 Animal cruelty (despite the motivations of a contributor being wholesome, we do not allow photos documenting animal abuse of any kind, even for awareness)

5.2 Posts will be moved to your profile (for your followers only) if they contain:

Posts which don’t add anything meaningful to the stock discussion.

Please note, posts that ask for users to like or comment on that particular post will impact the reputation score, which might interfere in your Leaderboard position.

5.3 Questions will be moderated if they contain:

Harassment- Post that sounds offensive.

Spam – Post that is shared to deliberately promote your paid service or any other 3rd party apps.

Insincere – Questions that are intended to make a statement rather than looking for helpful answers.

Poorly Written – Questions should be clear enough and more specific to the stock forums.

Incorrect Topics- Tagging irrelevant forums for increasing visibility.

5.4 Account will be suspended or disabled when we notice the below activities,

Repeated spamming activity.

Tagging irrelevant forums for the sake of increasing visibility.

Accounts blocked by a lot of other users.

Indulging in fight or irrelevant conversation, abusing others, name-calling, or harassment.

Deliberately posting illegitimate trading calls to game trade performance system.

Violation of these guidelines will force us to not only delete your posts but also possibly disable your account without any prior notice. If you see a notification of your post getting deleted, it means that the particular content violates one of our Moderation Guidelines and is no longer publicly accessible by FrontPage users. In the matters above, the decision of the moderation team will be final.

FrontPage has the right to remove any content( posts, charts, news, questions, media) deemed unfit for FrontPage.