Fair Promotion Policy For Experts

Experts are the engine that drives FrontPage. Everyone loves their hardwork and intelligence in bringing out great trades and views. You have uncommon knowledge that can benefit people. Here is how we recommend you use that knowledge on FrontPage to grow your business:

INFLUENCE people to FOLLOW you voluntarily and also LIKE your posts by:

  • sharing good trading ideas
  • answering questions
  • sharing educational material or useful news

Doing the above will increase your visiblity automatically (esp. with upcoming app changes).


You are free to post absolutely anything on your profiles for your followers. Although spamming there also will prompt your followers them to unfollow you. But that is up to you.


You are free to showcase your expertise and promote links to other platforms that you want other people to see.


If you run a service on FrontPage, your posts are already automatically highlighted with a star (and soon with a clear prompt – an upcoming feature) so interested users can just tap to checkout your profile and services. We are also eager to hear even better ideas about promoting you without spamming.

FrontPage Community Guidelines


FrontPage communities enable information sharing and discussions around stocks and markets. To get the most out of these communities, below are a few house rules.

In A Nutshell

The community expects all members to be relevant and civil. Violations of these guidelines may invite suspension without any prior warning. Please read on for details.

Only stocks and markets discussion

Please refrain from posting jokes, memes, quotes, irrelevant pictures or links or engaging in personal chatter.

Strictly NO Promotions in Communities

  • No promotion of paid services or products.
  • No promotion to increase your followers here or elsewhere.
  • No frequent / repeated posting with the view to maximize visibility.
  • No greetings (Good morning, good night etc) in communities.
  • No cross promotion of stocks unless relevant.
  • No statements and screenshots about performance

Learn more how to promote your posts, profile and services on FrontPage

In case of violation of guidelines

Posts in communities will be deleted if they contain:

  • Links to paid services either on FrontPage or elsewhere (Telegram, WhatsApp, your website etc.)
  • Phone numbers or other means to contact
  • Any other kind of promotional whether direct or indirect

Post will be moved to your profile (for your followers only) if they contain:

  • Any statements or screenshots about your trade performance etc.
  • Posts which dont add anything meaningful to stock discussion

No Abuse

  • No personal abuses, name calling, insults or harassment.
  • No posts that are derogatory or discriminatory against an individual or group of people.
  • No profanity, vulgarity will be tolerated, not one bit.
  • Avoid evaluating other people’s trade. Everyone has their own strategy, risk and rewards.

No Manipulation

  • No messages with the intent of moving a stock.
  • No overly positive or negative messages about a particular stock without new or substantive information.
  • No spreading false rumors about a particular stock.
Violation of these guidelines will force us to not only delete your posts but also possibly disable your account without any prior notice. In the matters above, the decision of the moderation team will be final.

Fixing Android notifications on Nokia devices

These steps are for enabling Android notifications on Nokia devices. Depending  on the version of your operating system, these options/screens may be slightly different.

1 Turn Off Battery Optimization for FrontPage

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Battery optimization (from 3 dots button on the top right) > All Apps > FrontPage
  • Tap on FrontPage and turn OFF Battery Optimization

2 Make Notifications from FrontPage important

  • Go to Settings > Notifications > FrontPage
  • Slide the importance bar to right most

If you have Android Pie (9), you will have to do this:

  • Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Scroll to bottom, tap on See all from last 7 days > FrontPage
  • Turn ON notifications for FrontPage

3 Remove FrontPage from Restricted App List (on Android Pie / 9)

  • Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery > Restricted App List > FrontPage
  • Turn OFF the button next to FrontPage (this will allow FrontPage to run in the background and receive notifications)

Fixing Android notifications on Lenovo devices

These steps are for enabling Android notifications on Lenovo devices. Depending  on the version of your operating system, these options/screens may be slightly different.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Power Manager.
  3. Select Background App Management.
  4. Scroll to FrontPage
  5. Tap to Allow auto-start.

Following people on FrontPage

The following feed is meant to show the activity of all the people you are following on FrontPage across any community. If you are following lets say Sandeep, you will see:

  • All of Sandeep’s post in any community like HDFC or TCS.
  • All of Sandeep’s posts to his profile (not posted in any community).
  • All of your posts whether in a community or to your profile.

You also get real time notifications of all posts of Sandeep. You can mute these notifications by toggling the notification button on Sandeep’s profile screen.

What is a paid service on FrontPage?

A FrontPage paid service is sort of an exclusive WhatsApp or Telegram group with lots of features and tools that make it easy for a creator to run a paid  advisory /subscription.

These are the features that a starting a paid service on FrontPage offers.

– Notifications: When you post, your subscribers receive instant notifications via the FrontPage mobile app on Android, iOS and Chrome/Safari browser notifications on PC/desktop.

– Plan(s): Create paid subscription plans e.g. Monthly, 3 business days or free trial plan(s) in seconds.

– Reminders: Your subscriber receives daily reminders for renewal starting 3 days before subscription expiration.

– Automation: On subscription expiry, your subscriber stops seeing your content until s/he renews.

– Security: FrontPage app does not allow copying or screenshots of your content.

– Payment tracking: Track payments received in real time on your dashboard.

– Settlements: Receive NEFT settlements to your specified bank account from FrontPage every 1 week.

– No Limits: Create any number of paid services for different segments.

– Charges: All this at a negligible cost of 1% of all your payments + payment gateway charges 

How to start a paid service?

If you are a creator and want to start or migrate your existing paid service (from Telegram or WhatsApp or SMS etc.), please log into the FrontPage website (https://front.page) via a desktop/laptop and click the + button in the menu. The paid service creation wizard will guide further.

In case you wish to know more you can also call or WhatsApp us on [+91][79754.09724]. Happy creating!

PS: It doesnt take more than 5 minutes to start a new paid service !

Influence communities, don’t spam!

People join FrontPage stock focused communities to discuss stocks & trades and pick up useful insights from each other.

If you are an expert who’d like to build up a subscriber base for your service, posting unsolicited links or phone numbers in communities is the worst way to go about doing it. Not only because it hardly ever works but it can also get your account suspended for good. Now we’d hate to see you go especially if you have genuine insights to offer but spam doesn’t leave us with a choice.

Instead, build trust with the audience. Share insights in the community that lead people to believe that you know what you are doing and build up your reputation and those looking for a service will contact you themselves.

We hope this makes sense. If you have a feedback, please use the feedback link in the app to get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is FrontPage better than Telegram or Moneycontrol forums (mmb)?

  1. Easy reading experience with single unified feed to follow multiple accounts.
  2. More relevance and less clutter with stock based discussion communities
  3. Much better app than Moneycontrol or Telegram. Specially designed for India’s stock market traders and investors

What are communities?

Large Telegram or WhatsApp groups exchange too much information about large number of stocks, and become spammy and chaotic and impossible to follow.  Stock focused communities on FrontPage try to fix this problem. Communities on FrontPage are topic (e.g. a stock like HDFC) focused forums where you can connect in real time with other users who are interested in that stock. Read more

What is follow people?
When you follow a person or account, your start to see their posts in home feed. You will also get real time notifications from these users.

Can I stop notifications from an account that I follow?

If you don’t want notifications from an account that you follow, you mute their notifications by going from their profiles.

Paid Services

Why should I run my services on FrontPage?

Running paid services on FrontPage is much better than running on Whatsapp or Telegram. Manage subscribers, payments, subscription plans, trials, automatic renewal reminders via a simple to use dashboard.

Read about all the features here.

How to start a paid service on FrontPage?
Log into the FrontPage website (https://front.page) via a desktop/laptop and click the + button in the menu. The channel creation wizard will guide further.

In case you wish to know more you can also call or WhatsApp us on [+91][79754.09724]. Happy creating!

How much does FrontPage cost me?

If you start paid services on FrontPage and when a user subscribes to one of your paid plans, FrontPage charges a 1% platform enablement fee + 2% payment gateway charges.

Can people share my content to other from the app?
From settings, you can allow your data to be shared or not. In any case, if your post is not free, it can’t be seen. Whenever anyone share your posts, only title is publicly visible.

Can someone steal my subscriber data?
On FrontPage, your channel subscribers are visible only to you. All traffic between browsers, apps and our servers is secured by SSL. Our servers run on Google’s super secure infrastructure. Your data security is critical to our business and we safeguard it painstakingly.

What are communities?

Have you ever felt that large Telegram or WhatsApp groups exchange way too much information about too many stocks along with side conversations? And that they soon become spammy and chaotic and impossible to follow. Well you are not alone, but then those services were not designed for this and there is little one can do to change that.

Stock focused communities on FrontPage try to fix this problem. Communities on FrontPage are topic (e.g. a stock like HDFC) focused forums where you can connect in real time with other users who are interested in that stock.

  • Communities are free to access by any registered user on FrontPage.
  • Any post to a community is also visible on your profile at https://front.page/@yourusername.
  • You can post to a community either from the community page or from your following feed or your profile page by tagging a community.
  • Anyone can “follow” you and view all yours profile posts or community posts in their following feed, accessible at https://front.page/following or the Following tab in the FrontPage mobile app.

If you only want to publish for free and build up an audience (followers), publishing your free insights in a relevant community or on your profile is a great way to do that.

Once you want to monetize your audience or start a premium paid service, you can start a paid subscription channel on FrontPage.