FrontPage Service Listing Guidelines

A visitor to your service looks at the description of your service to decide whether to subscribe. Please follow the guidelines below to put your best foot forward and maximize your subscribers. The idea should be to describe your service in precise terms and give the impression of a professionally run service.

Service Name

  • A quick glance should tell a visitor what to expect from your service. Keep the service name short and simple eg. Bank Nifty Options, Crude Futures, Cash Intraday.
  • Do NOT include plan duration or plan amount in the service name.

Service URL

  • Service URL will be pre-filled as the service name. Make sure there are no typos when you create a service URL. It cannot be changed.

Service Description

This is your best opportunity to stand out & the most important piece that a potential subscriber decides to understand whether this service is for her.

  • Describe what the service offers in detail but keep it to the point. A one-liner may look unprofessional and is a lost opportunity for you.
  • Add a minimum investment amount so buyers can decide depending on how much capital they have.
  • Add the average holding period of your recommendations.
  • Add how many recommendations to expect in a week.
  • If possible, do explain what is the methodology of your work. Or try to differentiate between others who
  • Add disclaimers if you are not an authorized person to give recommendations.
  • Do not use words like sure-shot or promise absolute certainty of quick and disproportional returns.

Last but not least, do a spelling check before updating the service description. Example of a good service listing below:

Name: Equity Cash Investments Guidance


In this service, we provide delivery and short-term recommendations in the equity cash market. The recommendations cannot be used for derivatives, futures, and options.

Our dedicated research team works tirelessly to ensure that you get the best returns while safeguarding your principal.


# Minimum Investment Rs. 5,00,000.
# It is compulsory to invest in all given calls.
# Investors should maintain strict stop-loss and target.
# Holding Period will range from 1 to 4 Quarters.
# Calls will be based on Opportunity so please put aside some spare cash.
# Being long term volatility is very less.
# We select only fundamentally rich stocks with huge upside potential.


Investment, Equity/Stocks, Cash

FAQs: Trade Tracking on FrontPage

Q. How does trade tracking work?

A. In short – quite similar to how trading on a real life brokerage works, except it is virtual money provided by the system. Here is how:

  • Your accounts start with a virtual margin balance of INR 10L.
  • You submit a trade on a particular instrument with quantity, target, stoploss, entry price (optional), timeframe, buy/sell specified.
  • The amount required for the trade is deducted from your margin balance.
  • FrontPage tracks the market price for the instrument. Once the trade meets target or hits stoploss or the timeframe expires or you exit, the P&L is calculated based on the LTP and added back to your margin balance.

Note: In case you run down your margin balance from INR 10L to zero, you will not be able to place anymore trades.

Q. How is my total portfolio value calculated?

A. Total portfolio value is the sum of:

  1. your unused margin (which includes P&L from your exited trades)
  2. margin used towards inactive (waiting to enter) trades
  3. market value of your active trades

So in the beginning your total portfolio value is only the initial margin (10L). As you place trades this value may go up or down depending on the performance of your trades.

Q. What kinds of instruments are currently tracked?

A. FrontPage currently tracks cash, futures & options traded on NSE/NFO listed equities & MCX listed commodities. If you have a suggestion for a certain type of asset that you want to be tracked, please do contact @frontpagesupport.

Q. What can I do with a trade once posted?

A. The following options are available via the update trade button in the trade cards:

  • Modify Entry Price: If you do use an entry price for your trade, and the trade hasnt ‘entered’ or isn’t active yet, you can modify the entry price to LTP or any other price.
  • Exit: You can exit a trade at any point after it is submitted. The P&L of the trade will be calculated using the LTP at the time of exit. You can use this option if you want to book your profits or losses earlier than target or stoploss.
  • Extend Target: If you believe that your trade can run more for higher targets, you can use this option. e.g. from 110 to 115. Note: you can’t reduce the target.
  • Trail Stoploss: You can use this option to trail your stoploss to secure profit. Note: you can’t reduce the stoploss.
  • Extend Timeframe: You can increase the timeframe of a trade at any point. Note: For now, P&L will only be calculated once a trade exit or breaches the target or stoploss.

Q. What happens to a trade that does not “enter” i.e. entry price is not crossed?

A. Entry price is optional. If you do not specify an entry price, the trade becomes active immediately on submission at LTP. If you do give an entry price, a trade does not become active unless the entry price is reached at some later point.

Q. Why should I submit trades instead of just posting it as plain text market view like earlier?

A. Trades are credible because they can be tracked. If you are a good trader, your reputation and visibility will get a significant boost because of your trade performance. Conversely, while plain text market view may still be published, the community will likely perceive them to be of dubious intent.

Q. How does trade performance impact my reputation?

A. Going forward, the performance of trades will play a crucial part in reputation scores. The system (algorithmically) will add or reduce your reputation based on the percentages of profit or loss. FrontPage will keep tweaking the weightage given to trade performance in reputation scores & it may also vary across forums and other factors.

Do not get perturbed if you incur a few losses on a bad day and see a drop in reputation. Everybody makes losses but it is consistent good performance over a long period of time that will be reflected in the reputation score.

Q. Why should I care about my reputation on FrontPage?

A. FrontPage relies on reputation scores to recommend market experts to new users for following or for discovering paid services. So, the higher your reputation, the more likely it is for you to get new followers. Also, reputation scores are visible against your profile, and it is likely for a new user to trust you more should you have a higher reputation.

Referral FAQ


Note: Sharing your referral links or codes in FrontPage forums is not permitted and can lead to permanent account suspensions.

Q. I am a service provider, how do I turn ON referral for my services?

A. Just visit your services console. Go to Global Service Settings > Turn on “Allow referral by audience” > Fill the referrer’s incentive & the new subscriber’s discount > Click Save. That’s it.

Q. How does the referrer’s incentive work?

A. Referrer’s incentive percentage is the amount of money a referrer would make if they referred a new subscriber to you. Let’s say, you have a service with a plan that costs INR 1000. If you set up 20% as the referrer’s incentive, they would make 20% of INR 1000 = INR 200 if you get a new subscriber via their referral link or code.

Q. How does the referral (new subscriber)’s discount work?

A. Referral’s discount percentage is the amount of money they would save on their first purchase of any of your services. Let’s say, the new subscriber who came via a referral link subscribes to one of your services with a plan that costs INR 1000. If you set up 25% as the referral’s discount, they will have to pay only INR 750 on their first purchase.

Q. How to refer someone to a service provider’s service?

A. Just visit a service provider’s profile (who has already set up a referral from the services console), tap the “Generate Referral Link” button. You can share this link with anyone. Someone who taps this link can subscribe to any plan of any service offered by the service provider.

Q. Which service provider can I refer?

A. You are free to refer anyone although we recommend you only refer experts that you have personally experienced or know to be good so your referral (friend) has a great experience.

Q. How do I know if one of my referrals subscribed to some service?

A. Once a qualified referral subscribes to service and makes a payment, you will be notified via FrontPage. Also, you can visit the Credits page/screen to see all the referrals you have earned.

Q. How do I withdraw the money that I make via referral?

A. Easy. Any money that you earn via referring someone is stored in FrontPage as Credits. You can withdraw these credits anytime by visiting the Credits page/screen > Withdraw Credits > Enter you UPI VPA > Fill the amount > Withdraw. Note: In order to withdraw credits, you should have a minimum of 500 as your credit balance.

Q. Who can avail the referral discount?

A. There are certain rules that apply for referrals. Referrers should also take note – you earn the incentive only if your referral fulfils the following terms & conditions:

  • Referral has to be a new subscriber to a service provider’s services. If you have purchased a service from a service provider earlier, you cannot use a second discount.

Pop-up notifications for Paid Service subscribers

Paid service subscribers can now enable to get pop-up notifications. This will help you to see notifications on priority even on your lock screen is locked.

See this video to know how to enable these pop-up notifications


Now you can just scan through your notification with a glance when your lock screen lights up with a pop up notification.

You can also the steps below.

1 – Go to the service

2 – “Tap to view details” of the service

3 – Go to “Custom Notifications” option

4 – Select Custom notifications


5 – Select PopUP notification option


Please do let us know if you this is any useful. Should you face any issues, you can message us on @Frontpage or @Frontpagesupport.

Fair Promotion Policy For Experts

Experts are the engine that drives FrontPage. Everyone loves their hard work and intelligence in bringing out great trades and views. You have uncommon knowledge that can benefit people. Here is how we recommend you use that knowledge on FrontPage to grow your business:

INFLUENCE people to FOLLOW you voluntarily and also LIKE your posts by:

  • sharing good trading ideas
  • answering questions
  • sharing educational material or useful news

Doing the above will increase your visibility automatically (esp. with upcoming app changes).


You are free to post absolutely anything on your profiles for your followers. Although spamming there also will prompt your followers to unfollow you. But that is up to you.


You are free to showcase your expertise and promote links to other platforms that you want other people to see.


If you run a service on FrontPage, your posts are already automatically highlighted with a star (and soon with a clear prompt – an upcoming feature) so interested users can just tap to check out your profile and services. We are also eager to hear even better ideas about promoting you without spamming.

FrontPage Forum Guidelines


FrontPage forums enable information sharing and discussions around stocks and markets. To get the most out of these forums, below are a few house rules.

In A Nutshell

The Forum expects all members to be relevant and civil. Violations of these guidelines may invite suspension without any prior warning. Please read on for details.

Only stocks and markets discussion

Please refrain from posting jokes, memes, quotes, irrelevant pictures or links or engaging in personal chatter.

Strictly NO Promotions in Forums

  • No promotion of paid services or products.
  • No promotion to increase your followers here or elsewhere.
  • No frequent / repeated posting with the view to maximize visibility.
  • No greetings (Good morning, good night etc) in forums.
  • No cross-promotion of stocks unless relevant. Posts shared in the irrelevant Forum will be moved to its relevant Forum.
  • No unsolicited messages on chats to any users.
  • No statements and screenshots of 3rd party apps about calls, performance or profits.
  • No performance reports, call summary, call updates should be posted without quoting the original call that was posted in FrontPage.
  • No promotion of paid service by posting the referral link or coupon codes in the forums.
  • No promotion of your posts by tagging it to irrelevant forums. This will lead to immediate account suspension.

Learn more on how to promote your posts, profile and services on FrontPage

In case of violation of guidelines

Posts in forums will be deleted if they contain:

  • Links to 3rd party apps (Telegram, WhatsApp, your website etc.)
  • Links to paid services on FrontPage.
  • Posts that have 3rd party account or channel names mentioned.
  • Posts that have been copy-pasted from 3rd party apps and posted on FrontPage.
  • Screenshots of calls provided in a 3rd party apps (Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, your website etc.)
  • Phone numbers or other means to contact.
  • Any other kind of promotional whether direct or indirect.
  • Call update with profit amount mentioned without quoting the actually call posted in FP.
  • Referral link or coupon codes of paid service.

Posts will be moved to your profile (for your followers only) if they contain:

  • Posts which don’t add anything meaningful to the stock discussion.
  • Please note, posts that ask for users to like or comment on that particular post will impact the reputation score, which might interfere in your Leaderboard position.

No Abuse

  • No personal abuses, name-calling, insults or harassment. If you are not comfortable with any post, you can report.
  • No posts that are derogatory or discriminatory against any individual or group of people. Indulging in fight or irrelevant conversation will lead to account suspension. Instead, you can always block and refrain from cursing or trolling each other.
  • No profanity, vulgarity will be tolerated, not one bit.
  • Avoid evaluating other people’s trade. Everyone has their own strategy, risk and rewards.

No Manipulation

  • No messages with the intent of moving a stock.
  • No overly positive or negative messages about a particular stock without new or substantive information.
  • No spreading false rumours about a particular stock.
Violation of these guidelines will force us to not only delete your posts but also possibly disable your account without any prior notice. In the matters above, the decision of the moderation team will be final.

Fixing Android notifications on Nokia devices

These steps are for enabling Android notifications on Nokia devices. Depending  on the version of your operating system, these options/screens may be slightly different.

1 Turn Off Battery Optimization for FrontPage

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Battery optimization (from 3 dots button on the top right) > All Apps > FrontPage
  • Tap on FrontPage and turn OFF Battery Optimization

2 Make Notifications from FrontPage important

  • Go to Settings > Notifications > FrontPage
  • Slide the importance bar to right most

If you have Android Pie (9), you will have to do this:

  • Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Scroll to bottom, tap on See all from last 7 days > FrontPage
  • Turn ON notifications for FrontPage

3 Remove FrontPage from Restricted App List (on Android Pie / 9)

  • Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery > Restricted App List > FrontPage
  • Turn OFF the button next to FrontPage (this will allow FrontPage to run in the background and receive notifications)

Following people on FrontPage

The following feed is meant to show the activity of all the people you are following on FrontPage across any forum. If you are following let’s say Sandeep, you will see:

  • All of Sandeep’s post in any forum like HDFC or TCS.
  • All of Sandeep’s posts to his profile (not posted in any forum).
  • All of your posts whether in a forum or to your profile.

You also get real-time notifications of all posts of Sandeep. You can mute these notifications by toggling the notification button on Sandeep’s profile screen.