Fixing Android notifications on Xiaomi devices

For Xiaomi phones, branded as “Redmi”.

Two things need to be done:

  • A. Battery Optimizations needs to be turned off
  • B. Auto start needs to be set (if applicable depending in your operating system version)

A. Turn OFF Battery Optimization for FrontPage

For XIAOMI – MIUI v7/v8, you may need the following steps:

4. Now locate FrontPage from the list of Installed App.

5. Select “No restrictions” and “Allow”

B. Enable Auto Start for FrontPage

For a different version of operating system on Redmi devices, the screens may look like the following:

For MIUI v7 or v8 please follow this flow:

4. Now locate FrontPage from the list of apps and TURN ON the button next to it. That’s it.


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