Settlement schedule

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Settlements on FrontPage typically happen weekly on Tuesdays. Except in case of holidays in which case they happen on the next working day. There is a slight difference in settlement schedule for different types of services:

  1. Training services: These settlements happen on the Tuesday following the start date of a batch. So for example if today is Thursday Aug 27, 2020 and your next batch is starting on Friday Sep 11, your settlement for that batch will happen on the following Tuesday which is Sep 15th. This is so, because a significant number of users request for refunds for a batch before it starts. Creators will not be able to do refunds if we do the settlement earlier.
  2. Information services: These settlements usually happen every Tuesday. The settlement includes transactions that happened until end of day Sunday(2 days back).

An invoice is generated prior to the actual settlement transfer. This invoice lists the exact transactions(including refunds and corresponding discounts, incentives, deductions, taxes etc and the net amount that will be settled to the bank account you have chosen.

Please make sure you provide the following to allow for the generation of your invoice without interruption:

  • Your bank account information
  • You tax information including pan card and GST details (if applicable)

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