How to build your reputation on FrontPage?


Building reputation on FrontPage is simple: do something useful for the community. Specifically:

Educate. Help the community understand the WHY behind your analysis. When you post a chart or an opinion, please take the time to explain the thinking behind it.

Breakdown news. News reports are infinite. But insights are scarce. If you have been following a stock and have drawn some insights, share them liberally.

Answer questions. Is someone stuck in a position and looking for view. Is someone evaluating a stock and looking to get multiple assessments. Take the time to add elaborate answers that helps them make up their mind. Again, the key is to be detailed with your analysis. Short or shallow answers are not really helpful.

Focus on quality. This goes for everything. One great quality post is 100x more valuable than average quality posts. Think of your as your blog. Someone who visits your blog will follow you if they see a few posts which they can’t resist sharing with their friends.

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