About friend referral


How does it work?

  1. Copy your referral code or share your referral link with a friend.
  2. Once they install the FrontPage app via the link or enter the referral code, you will be notified.

When do I receive the credit?

Once your friend submits at least 1 paper trade within the first 14 days of their joining, both you and your friend are entitled to a referral credit of INR 50!

How do I redeem my referral amount?

  1. Your referral amount is added to your FrontPage Credits.
  2. Go to Sidebar > Credits > Tap on Transfer Credits button > Validate your UPI Id and enter the amount. That’s it. Note: You need to have at least INR 200 in your FrontPage Credits to be able to withdraw.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only new users of FrontPage are counted as valid referrals.
  • A user can only be referred by one person.
  • The referral amount may be changed by FrontPage.
  • Please note: User referral is currently only available in the FrontPage Android app.

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