How to Start a Channel on FrontPage?

Please note: You can start a channel only when you log in to web app from a desktop/laptop pc. For assistance, you can ping us from the Feedback button in the app or WhatsApp/call on +91.79754.09724.

What is a channel?

A FrontPage channel is sort of an exclusive whatsapp or Telegram group, but with lots of features and tools that make it easy for a creator to run a paid subscription service / advisory.

You can save this time and effort by choosing to host your paid subscriptions on FrontPage. By using FrontPage you get following features.

A paid subscription channel on Frontpage

– Notifications: When you post, your subscribers receives instant notifications via the FrontPage mobile app on Android, iOS and Chrome/Safari browser notifications on PC/desktop.

– Plan(s): Create paid subscription plans e.g. Monthly, 3 business days or free trial plan(s) in seconds.

– Reminders: Your subscriber receives daily reminders for renewal starting 3 days before subscription expiration.

– Automation: On subscription expiry, your subscriber stops seeing your content until s/he renews.

– Security: FrontPage app does not allow copying or screenshots of your content.

– Payment tracking: Track payments received in real time on your channel dashboard.

– Settlements: Receive NEFT settlements to your specified bank account from FrontPage every 2 weeks.

– No Limits: Create any number of channels for different services you provide.

– Charges: All this at a negligible cost of 1% of all your payments + payment gateway charges 

How to start a channel?

To create a channel, a creator must log into FrontPage website ( via a desktop/laptop. The channel creation wizard will guide further.

In case you wish to know more you can also call or whatsapp us on [+91][79754.09724]. Happy creating!

PS: It doesnt take more than 5 minutes to start a new channel !

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