Referral FAQ


Note: Sharing your referral links or codes in FrontPage forums is not permitted and can lead to permanent account suspensions.

Q. I am a service provider, how do I turn ON referral for my services?

A. Just visit your services console. Go to Global Service Settings > Turn on “Allow referral by audience” > Fill the referrer’s incentive & the new subscriber’s discount > Click Save. That’s it.

Q. How does the referrer’s incentive work?

A. Referrer’s incentive percentage is the amount of money a referrer would make if they referred a new subscriber to you. Let’s say, you have a service with a plan that costs INR 1000. If you set up 20% as the referrer’s incentive, they would make 20% of INR 1000 = INR 200 if you get a new subscriber via their referral link or code.

Q. How does the referral (new subscriber)’s discount work?

A. Referral’s discount percentage is the amount of money they would save on their first purchase of any of your services. Let’s say, the new subscriber who came via a referral link subscribes to one of your services with a plan that costs INR 1000. If you set up 25% as the referral’s discount, they will have to pay only INR 750 on their first purchase.

Q. How to refer someone to a service provider’s service?

A. Just visit a service provider’s profile (who has already set up a referral from the services console), tap the “Generate Referral Link” button. You can share this link with anyone. Someone who taps this link can subscribe to any plan of any service offered by the service provider.

Q. Which service provider can I refer?

A. You are free to refer anyone although we recommend you only refer experts that you have personally experienced or know to be good so your referral (friend) has a great experience.

Q. How do I know if one of my referrals subscribed to some service?

A. Once a qualified referral subscribes to service and makes a payment, you will be notified via FrontPage. Also, you can visit the Credits page/screen to see all the referrals you have earned.

Q. How do I withdraw the money that I make via referral?

A. Easy. Any money that you earn via referring someone is stored in FrontPage as Credits. You can withdraw these credits anytime by visiting the Credits page/screen > Withdraw Credits > Enter you UPI VPA > Fill the amount > Withdraw. Note: In order to withdraw credits, you should have a minimum of 500 as your credit balance.

Q. Who can avail the referral discount?

A. There are certain rules that apply for referrals. Referrers should also take note – you earn the incentive only if your referral fulfils the following terms & conditions:

  • Referral has to be a new subscriber to a service provider’s services. If you have purchased a service from a service provider earlier, you cannot use a second discount.