How to Start a Channel and Onboard Subscribers

Note: Channels are now called Services on FrontPage.

Creating a channel on Frontpage and hosting subscriptions on it is easy as a pie. You can create your channel and get subscribers on it in less than 15 mins. To know how to do it, follow the screenshots below.

Sign up: Use your phone number to sign up. We will send you an OTP to verify your phone number.


Add Name: Use your real name or the name of the organization that the phone number belongs to. Your followers will be able to recognize you immediately on seeing that name.


Start Your Channel: From the left column,  start by clicking on “Start Your Channel” button. You can always start your channel later on as well from here. You can create more channels later from dashboard.


Add details to your channel: Name your channel. Add a compelling description for your people to susbcribe to your content. Add a relevant channel icon and photo too. Don’t worry, you can always come back to change any of these things later on.


Dashboard: This is the dashboard where you manage your content business.  You will find following things in the tabs

– Dashboard: shows you paid and trial subscribers analytics.

– Payments: shows payments as they come

– Plans: Shows plans that you can offer to your subscribers. Below screenshot shows how to create a plan. You can also offer trial plan to boost your subscription pipeline.  Learn more about plans.

– Subscriber: has details of all your current and old subscribers. You can see their subscriber histories etc. Your subscriber data is only visible to you, and no one else.

– Settlements: we send out the money received on your behalf every 2 weeks. When we do that, it shows up there. Learn more about settlements.


Create Plan: You can offer your subscribers both paid and free plans. Free plan once availed will not be visible the next time. Paid plans can be of any customizable duration. Once you activate a plan, it will start to be visible to the consumers. Learn why should you try to create trial plans.


Your channel is ready, add some posts: Once you have created the plans, your channel is ready for you to add posts. You can add post by clicking on the blue button on the right corner at the bottom.


Create a post: You can very easily add text, photos or video on the posts that you create for your subscribers. You can also choose whether a post is free or paid. Accordingly the post will only be visible to your subscriber or everyone else.


Promote link of your channel: Once you have added sufficient number of posts for your subscribers you can start sharing your channel. You can use the link on the top of your channel and distribute on the social media.


Promote link of your channel: When your followers, click on the link they will be directed to phone browser. From there they can download the Frontpage app linked to your content channel. As soon as your followers signup, they will be able to see your content. The content will not be shown till they subscribe to a plan.


Subscription of your channel: Your followers can choose any plan to subscribe. When they subscribe, the content behind the paywall will start to show up.


Notifications of your channel: Whenever you publish a new post, immediately notification is sent to your subscribers. Notification are also sent when their plan is about to expire, prodding them to resubscribe.


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