FrontPage Forum Guidelines


FrontPage forums enable information sharing and discussions around stocks and markets. To get the most out of these forums, below are a few house rules.

In A Nutshell

The Forum expects all members to be relevant and civil. Violations of these guidelines may invite suspension without any prior warning. Please read on for details.

Only stocks and markets discussion

Please refrain from posting jokes, memes, quotes, irrelevant pictures or links or engaging in personal chatter.

Strictly NO Promotions in Forums

  • No promotion of paid services or products.
  • No promotion to increase your followers here or elsewhere.
  • No frequent / repeated posting with the view to maximize visibility.
  • No greetings (Good morning, goodnight etc) in forums.
  • No cross-promotion of stocks unless relevant.
  • No statements and screenshots about performance or profits.

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In case of violation of guidelines

Posts in forums will be deleted if they contain:

  • Links to paid services either on FrontPage or elsewhere (Telegram, WhatsApp, your website etc.)
  • Phone numbers or other means to contact
  • Any other kind of promotional whether direct or indirect

Posts will be moved to your profile (for your followers only) if they contain:

  • Any statements or screenshots about your trade performance etc.
  • Posts which don’t add anything meaningful to the stock discussion

No Abuse

  • No personal abuses, name-calling, insults or harassment.
  • No posts that are derogatory or discriminatory against any individual or group of people.
  • No profanity, vulgarity will be tolerated, not one bit.
  • Avoid evaluating other people’s trade. Everyone has their own strategy, risk and rewards.

No Manipulation

  • No messages with the intent of moving a stock.
  • No overly positive or negative messages about a particular stock without new or substantive information.
  • No spreading false rumours about a particular stock.
Violation of these guidelines will force us to not only delete your posts but also possibly disable your account without any prior notice. In the matters above, the decision of the moderation team will be final.

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