FrontPage 2.0 for creators

Please do read what is new in FrontPage 2.0 if you haven’t yet.

If you are a creator who runs a service on FrontPage, please do read through the following in order to get the most out of 2.0:

  • Polish your user profile Make sure you add a good bio and a profile picture that makes you look authentic. If you have credentials such as a SEBI registration or education in finance, please do mention details in your bio. This builds trust with the audience.
  • Update your username Usernames in FrontPage are generated by the system but now you can edit them at if you want to. Once your username is changed, your profile link will use the new username, the old one will not work.
  • Publish regularly Every time you are publishing a free tip or insight on any medium, please remember to add it in a relevant stock forum on FrontPage.
  • Engage with the forum FrontPage stock focused forums are meant to engage users who may be potential subscribers to your services. Showing off your knowledge and insights in these forums will enhance your followership which in turn will lead to future conversions. Also if you are a creator your profile is highlighted with a (*) star when you post in a forum.


Please do share your feedback with us at dev @ crowdware dot in. Or just tap the feedback button from within your FrontPage app.

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