Fixing Android notifications on OPPO RealMe devices

Settings may vary slightly across various Oppo RealMe devices and versions of operating system. Please follow all the 4 steps below to make notifications work.

1. Allow Notifications for FrontPage

  • Go to Settings > Notification & status bar > Manage notifications, then scroll to FrontPage and activate Allow Notifications and also Priority Notification.

2. Allow FrontPage to run in background

  • Go to Settings > Battery and disable Smart Power Saver.
  • Tap on Custom Power Saver > FrontPage > select Allow Running In The Background

3. Allow FrontPage to run at startup

  • Go to Settings/Phone Manager > Privacy Permissions > Startup Manager > Allow startup on boot and startup in the background option.

However there is a limit of max 5 apps for “not recommended startup apps”. If you hit the limit, make sure you turn off some other app to allow FrontPage to run.

4. Lock FrontPage in recent apps

  • Tap on FrontPage to open app.
  • Tap the square button (aka “Recent Apps”) on phone the navigation bar.
  • Pull down FrontPage > Tap on the lock icon to lock FrontPage from being killed

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