Fixing Android notifications on Huawei devices

These steps are for enabling Android notifications on Huawei devices. Depending  on the version of your operating system, these options/screens may be slightly different.

  1. Go to Settings -> Advanced settings -> Battery manager -> Protected apps, then find the FrontPage app and “protect it”.
  2. Go to Settings -> Apps -> advanced -> Ignore battery optimizations, then find the app FrontPage app and ignore it. Don’t be tricked by the misleading wording, “ignoring” the app actually means to let it run, because you’re telling the battery optimization function to “ignore” that app.
  3. Go to Settings -> Notification panel & status bar -> Notification centre, then find FrontPage app, then activate “allow notifications” and also “priority display“. You have to activate the priority part too to make sure you get notifications.
  4. Restart your phone.

Note: If you have Android 8 version of the OS you also need to allow unlimited access to data in the section: Settings -> Apps -> special access -> unlimited data access -> choose  FrontPage application and allow it.

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