How much does FrontPage cost me?

Well short answer is – almost nothing. You pay nothing (zero) for setting up your channel and publishing. Only when a user subscribes to one of your paid plans, FrontPage charges a 1% platform enablement fee + 2% payment gateway charges.

What is ‘count business days only’ in the create plan screen?

In certain cases like financial services related to the stock market, the content in your channel may be relevant only for the days when the market is live.

For such cases you may want to chose the count business days only option so that your subscriber does not feel shortchanged by market holidays or weekends in the duration of her subscription. Especially so for short duration plans.

Why should I create trial plans?

Free trials allow a large number of potential subscribers who are unaware of your offering to sample it before buying. Its exactly like sweet shops letting you have a free bite before you buy the box.

For most creators, trials result into larger subscribers and hence better monetization of their content.

What languages are supported on FrontPage?

FrontPage apps are currently in English & Hindi. Very soon, more Indian languages are being added.

However this shouldn’t stop you from starting your channel or publishing your content. Do get in touch with us to explain your specific needs if any.