Following people on FrontPage

The following feed is meant to show the activity of all the people you are following on FrontPage across any forum. If you are following let’s say Sandeep, you will see:

  • All of Sandeep’s post in any forum like HDFC or TCS.
  • All of Sandeep’s posts to his profile (not posted in any forum).
  • All of your posts whether in a forum or to your profile.

You also get real-time notifications of all posts of Sandeep. You can mute these notifications by toggling the notification button on Sandeep’s profile screen.

What are Forums?

Have you ever felt that large Telegram or WhatsApp groups exchange way too much information about too many stocks along with side conversations? And that they soon become spammy and chaotic and impossible to follow. Well, you are not alone, but then those services were not designed for this and there is little one can do to change that.

Stock focused forums on FrontPage try to fix this problem. Forums on FrontPage are topic (e.g. a stock like HDFC) focused panels where you can connect in real-time with other users who are interested in that stock.

  • Forums are free to access by any registered user on FrontPage.
  • Any post to a forum is also visible on your profile at
  • You can post to a forum either from the forum page or from your following feed or your profile page by tagging a forum.
  • Anyone can “follow” you and view all your profile posts or forum posts in their following feed, accessible at or the Following tab in the FrontPage mobile app.

If you only want to publish for free and build up an audience (followers), publishing your free insights in a relevant forum or on your profile is a great way to do that.

Once you want to monetize your audience or start a premium paid service, you can start a paid subscription service on FrontPage.



Auto-posting to social channels

Do you have social media marketing accounts on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook where you post your market views? And reaching out to your followers on each of those platforms is important for you? But it’s a painful effort to put every post on every platform?

If yes, you can now save time and effort by automatically forwarding posts when you post via your FrontPage profile. How? Read below.

Doing this is very easy.

1. Visit from web application.

Auto Posting on FrontPage


2. Add integrations. There are detailed instructions on how to do it. It takes less than 5 mins to do it.

3. That’s all, it’s done! Now whenever you post on your profile, just click the little loudspeaker icon just before you post.

From the web app:

From Android App:

Your post will be sent to your authenticated Twitter account and/or your Telegram channel. Posting to a Facebook page is coming shortly.

BONUS: When you add a post in a Frontpage forum (read here, what are Frontpage Forums), it automatically makes it #tag eg. #HDFCBANK so that your content discovery is also aided on the social platforms.

Do let us know if you like this feature by sending us feedback from within the app. Or if you are a new finance creator on FrontPage, you can WhatsApp or call us on [91] [79754.09724], and our team will assist you on how to start using this feature. Happy creating!

Post Script: Even if you don’t have more than one social media channel, you can now create your presence there without much hassle and zero cost and effort. There are people on each social media platforms and you could gain followers there!

FrontPage 2.0

Over the last few months, it has been incredibly gratifying to witness how FrontPage services have allowed top quality creators to connect with and deliver enormous value to their subscribers on a platform of their choice. FrontPage services are the #1 productivity solution for creators. And we will continue to enhance the service experience delivering ever-higher time gains to our creators.

Meanwhile, a lot of our creators and users alike have been asking for an experience outside of what services enable. While paid services are run by experts with deep knowledge, there is a huge amount of accumulated knowledge in the heads of all the people who have a FrontPage app.

Now FrontPage’s goal is to facilitate the publishing & distribution of the best ideas regardless of where they germinate. With that end in mind, we have put out the biggest makeover of FrontPage yet. And of course, we are calling it FrontPage 2.0 :).

What’s new in FrontPage 2.0

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